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CENTENNIAL PARK IS A NASHVILLE TREASURE - Nashville’s central park and point of pride for generations. An urban park is a fragile thing. And throughout the decades, ours has sometimes been in jeopardy: its iconic Parthenon slated for demolition; its trees felled by tornadoes; its ecosystem damaged by surrounding construction. Each time, Nashvillians have rallied to protect Centennial Park – and make it better.

NOW IT'S OUR TURN TO CARE FOR THE PARK - Nashville is growing like never before. So are the numbers of people flocking to Centennial Park – an estimated 2 million a year and climbing. Neglect could be the latest threat to its wellbeing. This is our opportunity to transform the park into the pulsating heart of our collective home. An unprecedented revitalization of Centennial Park is currently underway. It is as ambitious and multi-faceted as Nashville itself. It needs your support today to become reality.

JOIN US IN THIS IMPORTANT REVITALIZATION - In partnership with Metro Parks, Centennial Park Conservancy is preserving the iconic green space of our city’s central park that champions arts, music, history, education, and health and wellness. This transformation can only take place through the generosity of the Nashville community, and we hope that you will consider being part of this important revitalization campaign.