Picture Your Health

Think of your park as synonymous with wellness. Centennial Park’s new plan envisions a beautifully balanced expanse where you and countless others have ample room to recreate, relax and restore in a natural environment that is significantly more sustainable.

  • The plan calls for doubling the number of walking, jogging and biking trails throughout the park. This will increase the amount of space fortified for individuals and families to play while enhancing the park’s delicate ecosystems.
  • Phase Two improvements build upon Phase One's accomplishments: daylighting Cockrill Spring, improving the water quality of Lake Watauga, and increasing the number of trees by 300 percent.

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Picture Your Art

Soak up the sights of Shakespeare in the Park, sculpture in the gardens, butterflies dancing in the grass. The plan sees the entirety of Centennial Park as a stage on which Nashville showcases the best it has to offer – whether live performances, fine art, or nature at its most magnificent.

  • Phase Two will restore the park's bandshell.
  • Future phases will create a new outdoor theatre at the park’s northwest corner near the 31st Avenue connector for Shakespeare in the Park, and other theatrical, musical and dance performances.
  • There are also plans to recreate the existing Art Activities Center as a Performing Arts Center offering a wide range of dance, theatre and music classes, as well as art exhibits.

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Picture Your Music

Listen for the sweet sounds of music in Music City. The Centennial Park Restoration brings a tradition of musical performances back to Nashville's central park.

  • Anchoring an atmosphere resonant with song is Musicians Corner. Its dedicated home at West End and 27th Avenue was completed in Phase One, creating Nashville's premier gathering place for free music.
  • The permanent venue invites visitors to stretch out on gentle slopes or find a spot on crab orchard stone seating scattered about the native woodland surroundings. We invite you to listen with us in Centennial Park.

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Picture Your Fun

Imagine a picnic. An afternoon watching the ducks. A competitive game of Frisbee. An hour under a tree with a good book. Whatever your idea of outdoor fun, it can be had within a revitalized Centennial Park.

  • Upgraded outdoor venues will make staging plays and performances more enticing to Nashville’s abundant talent.
  • Sustainable greenspaces will lure anyone with a blanket and a basket to dine under the sun or stars. Whether you visit the park to relax with friends, attend an event, or experience the outdoors, we're making sure you find an inviting home to enjoy yourself.

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